You will need TWO breast milk storage bags with double grip seals. Please do not use freezer bags, sandwich bags, coin bags or any other sealable bags.

If frozen, thoroughly defrost your milk.

Add 3 oz/ 100 ml of your breastmilk to one breastmilk storage bag (measured beforehand, since the measurement units printed on the bag are not accurate).  Please send ONLY 3 oz of your breastmilk, irrespective of the number of items being ordered.  You will be contacted if more milk is needed. Sending too much milk may result in contamination and leakage, which may make all the milk unusable.

Ensure that both seals are firmly engaged by checking for leaks if pressure is placed on the bag.  

Place first bag in the second breastmilk storage bag. Engage the seals and check for leaks.

Mark the SECOND bag with with your name.  Do not add any notes or pieces of paper inside the bags.

Remove all air before sealing the bags.  Ensure that both grip seals are firmly engaged.

Protect your breastmilk with bubble wrap and mail it in a RIGID CARDBOARD BOX.

Use a fast mail service (priority, express)

Mailing address:

You will receive the mailing address per email after you place the order. To calculate shipping cost and shipping duration for your package please use Limvady, Ireland (postal code BT49 0AA). Shipping cost for your breast milk are not included in the payment you make to