Excerpt on hand expression from "Breastfeeding and Human Lactation"

Here is an excerpt from the text book "Breastfeeding and Human Lactation" by Jan Riordan (p. 207). "Hand Expression: Although many women in the United States think first of using a breast pump to obtain milk, expressing milk by hand is a skill that has been used by many mothers for millennia. The mother’s own hands represent several advantages over breast pumps: They cost her nothing. They may trigger a more effective milk ejection reflex. They are always available. They compress the breast for milk removal. After the mother has practiced this skill, she may find she can obtain more...

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Instructional video: Maximizing milk production

hand expression instructional video

Here is an instructional video about handexpression made by researchers from Stanford University: At about 3 minutes into the video there is an example of hand expression vs. pumping. Even though hand expression was done after pumping, hand expression extracted more milk than pumping from both breasts.

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