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Breast pump hackathon

This hackathon was held at MIT in Boston from April 27-29, 2018. It was a gathering of people who feel that breast pumps suck and want to do something about that. I'm glad we could show that pumping is NOT the biological norm and NOT the only way to remove milk from a human breast without a baby. For a growing number of women hand expression is becoming a preferred alternative to pumping because it doesn't suck.


Lactibowl is now also available on Amazon.com (with global shipping) and Amazon.ca !

Express yourself

Hand expression is a natural way to express breast milk. It is as old as breastfeeding itself and it is fast and efficient. 

Women can manage their milk production and feed their babies on or off the breast, anytime and anywhere.

Breastbowl is mindfully designed by and for breastfeeding mothers to collect expressed breast milk. Breastbowl is safe, ergonomic, discreet, easy to use and clean. It is an inexpensive, portable, quiet and comfortable alternative for milk expression.

We offer two kinds of breastbowls:

Artisan breastbowls:

Artisan breastbowls are hand made from glass by Helen or Mel. Each artisan breastbowl is a unique! We evaluate each breastbowl individually to guarantee optimal functionality. Pick the breastbowl that resonates with you and enjoy the sight and sound of your precious milk gathering in this beautiful vessle.


Lactbowl is factory made from 100% food-grade silicone. It combines sleek and elegant design with incredible functionality.

Lactibowl: simple and multifunctional

Unlike breast pumps, which often give their users a sense of inadequacy, hand expression (when done effectively) reflects actual milk supply more accurately and makes us feel confident. Did you know that we can remove 50% more milk (on average) with our hands than with a double electric hospital grade pump? (Morton et al. 2009) 

Your Milk in Glass

Besides breastbowls, Helen also creates beautiful, powerful, unique breast milk infused glass sculptures. Check out her Milk Glass collection. 

Helen's work has been featured by the BBC and various news papers and magazines. Her work will have lasting impact on breastfeeding culture in Ireland and around the world.

Honor your breastfeeding journey, celebrate your achievement! This is a very special time in your life and it doesn't last very long. Create a lasting memory of the liquid gold your body made for your baby/ babies, create something you can show to the world with pride! Preserve some of your milk for eternity.

Milk glass is the ultimate breastfeeding trophy. 

Hand expression FAQ

1) How can I learn hand expression?
I learned hand expression prenatally from my doula. You can learn hand expression from doulas, midwives, lactation consultants or maybe even from your friends/ family/ peers. You can also try to get some tips online. Check out the resources on this website. Learning hand expression is a bit like learning to do your hair after you just got a brand new hair cut: you need to mess around with it and get a feel for it.
2) I am pregnant. When can I learn hand expression?
You can start practicing hand expression as early as 32 to 34 weeks of pregnancy. Massage your breasts and express for a few minutes or until you get a few drops of colostrum. Always make sure not to cause any pain or discomfort. Like any pleasant physical sensation, nipple stimulation can release oxytocin. If you are at risk of early labour talk to your care provider before doing hand expression or anything else that may release oxytocin. I had a healthy low-risk pregnancy and expressed my first few drops about 2 weeks before my due date (around 38 weeks). I remember that I was blown away that something was coming out of my nipple!
3) Why learn hand expression when I can get a pump?
When it comes to milk removal from the human breast, the order of efficiency is:
1) baby
2) hands
3) pump
Pumps are the least efficient way to remove milk from the human breast. Research has shown that we can remove almost 50% more milk with our hands than with a hospital-grade double electric pump (Morton et al. 2009). If you don't think this is true, check out this video posted by Stanford University researchers: Maximizing Production LPCH . Pumps are inherently inefficient because they lack compression, they don't adapt, and they don't stimulate our breasts to release milk the way human touch does. According to the current recommendations by BreastfeedingUSA , pump-users are advised to use their hands before, during and after pumping. If you have to use your hands anyway, why not 'dump the pump' (along with all it's inconveniences, such as hard-to-clean pump parts, noise etc.) and take matters in your own hands?
4) I tried hand expression once but it didn't work...
Maybe you tried at the wrong time... Timing is important, like with going to the bathroom. You are a human, not a machine. Do you want to give it another try? If your baby can get breast milk, so can you. It's just a matter of practice. Try on your other breast when baby is feeding and make sure to warn the people across the room :) Sally Tedstone, Breastfeeding Expert Midwife and Breastfeeding Educator with UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative, writes: "If it does not work at first, do not panic or think that there is no milk, simply try another spot, a slightly different hand formation or rhythm until it works for you. Keeping a playful, relaxed attitude is very important, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get it perfectly first time as this will only make it harder. Once you have got the hang of hand expressing breastmilk you can continue until the flow of milk slows naturally and then progress around the same breast."